Robyn Diane Events is a San Francisco Bay Area based wedding and event planning company founded by Robyn Norgan. Robyn has been planning and managing events since 2008. She got her start at Stanford University’s Business School putting on events for their Lifelong Learning program.

In 2014, she planned her first successful surprise birthday party and from there, she began planning more events after founding Robyn Diane Events.

Events are Robyn's passion and she loves working with clients to make their vision for their event come to life.

If you're looking for a San Francisco Bay Area based wedding and event planner, Robyn would love to work with you! You can call or text her at (925) 517-3226 or email her at events@robyndiane.com to get started. You can also use our contact page, which features online chat.

Robyn's wedding planning style

Robyn already had her dream wedding, now she wants to make sure you get yours!

When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn't do. Robyn's opinion is that you should do what's best for you as a couple. For this reason, she is not a pushy planner when it comes to weddings or any other event she does. She's planning your wedding for you, not for her or anyone else.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Let Robyn bring her experience to your wedding. Robyn is very organized and brings a modern approach to planning, keeping track of everything via the cloud, so she can access all of your wedding details from anywhere.

robyn's favorite event

Robyn Norgan's favorite event that she has done was a surprise birthday party for her Mom back in 2015. Almost 100 people attended and somehow everyone still managed to keep it a complete surprise for Robyn's Mom! It was a great night filled with music from 50s, 60s, and 70s, manhattans (her Mom's favorite drink) at the bar, and a special sugar free candy bar.

This picture is Robyn's proof that her Mom really didn't know about the surprise party!


In addition to wedding planning, Robyn also has a passion for travel, scuba diving, and animals. She hopes to travel to as many places as possible - both on land and under the water. So far, the highest place she's reached was on her trek to Everest Base Camp at 17,598 feet above sea level and the lowest place she's reached is diving the Blue Hole in Belize at 130 feet below sea level.

When she's not traveling, Robyn lives in Redwood City with her husband and two cats, Rocket and Tuna. She considers her cats to be her "assistants" when working on projects. They both like to "help" by sitting on her lap at the computer, stealing boxes, and playing with things they shouldn't. Cats are obviously one of Robyn's favorite animals, but she also loves rhinos and considers them to be one of her favorite land animals and she loves sharks, which are her favorite sea animal. Any opportunity to dive with sharks (not in a cage), Robyn is in!

Robyn Diane Events Assistant Cat Rocket

Assistant Cat Rocket "helping" Robyn put together some wintery centerpieces

Robyn Diane Events Assistant Cat Tuna

Assistant Cat Tuna "helping" by sitting on this giant playing card Robyn made

Robyn Diane Events Loves Rhinos

Robyn feeding Zuri the rhino at the Oregon Zoo on her birthday

Robyn Diane Events Loves Sharks

Robyn diving with sharks (she's in the bright pink fins on the right)

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